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Are you a candidate for total knee replacement surgery in Smyrna?

Arthritis is a leading cause of knee damage in the Smyrna area can be due to rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, secondary to wear and tear over the years, or by a catastrophic knee injury.  If you are suffering from a steady pain in your knee while you attempt typical daily activities, Freedom Orthopedic has orthopedic specialists that would love the opportunity to evaluate you.  First line treatments often consist of rest, medication, and therapy.  However, in some cases, cartilage may be too worn down or the bone structures are simply too destroyed to have a proper response when based on conservative remedies.  Total knee replacement, commonly referred to as knee arthroplasty, may be the last resort option, especially for those patients that are over 50 years of age.  The good news is that knee replacement surgery, when compared to other orthopedic surgeries, remains one of the most successful.

The Total Knee Replacement Procedure

Patients in Smyrna who are looking for total knee replacement can expect your Freedom Orthopedic surgeon will displace bone and cartilage that is heavily damaged or diseased, from the top of your tibia, or shin bone, and implant a flat metal plate and stem. Following this action, your orthopedic surgeon will attach a synthetic insert into this tibial tray.  This insert will function as the new weight-bearing surface. Your surgeon will then shape the lower bone surface of the femur, or thigh bone, and attach a contoured metal shield that will move smoothly against the new surface of your lower leg. Though most of your knee will be replaced, the original knee cap may be retained or replaced with a synthetic one. Two hours is the typical length of this procedure.

What to expect from total knee replacement surgery

Activities that you may not have enjoyed for years due to chronic knee pain, such as walking, golf and swimming may return to your life and is recommended after a procedure such as knee replacement.  High impact activities such as jogging may need to take a back seat however.  Over the past few decades, materials and techniques have improved drastically, resulting in total knee replacements being conducted at a high rate of close to 300,000 a year in the U.S. alone.  Following the procedure, patients are up and around the first day via walker for about two to six weeks.  As common as knee replacement has become, the success rate has been equally common, with the overwhelming majority of patients experiencing a significant improvement in their ability to perform common activities of everyday life.

At a fraction of the cost of the cost of most providers, you can feel confident that Freedom Orthopedic in Smyrna offers world-class knee and joint replacement with a fixed cost model so there are no surprises.


Watch our founder, Thomas N. Joseph, MD, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, explain how he can provide you clarity, service and savings for your orthopedic and physical therapy needs. Dr. Christopher Vaughn carries on the tradition of world-class orthopedic care for a fraction of the cost.

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