Orthopedic Surgeon Athens Ga

Making healthcare affordable and simple in the Athens Ga area

Orthopedic Surgeon Athens Ga

Freedom Orthopedic proudly serves patients needs in the city of Athens.  We are built on one simple principle: To offer our Athens or Medicare/Medicaid so we are able to bring you superior orthopedic surgery at a fraction of the cost of an insurance doctor. We aren’t forced to pay for all of the unnecessary medical records software and insurance mark-ups that do nothing for the quality of healthcare and only serve to drive up the cost of care to the patient by 3 or 4 times the amount. We can afford to administer excellent care and pass the savings on to you. Our prices for every visit and every procedure, from facility fee to the surgeon’s fee, are posted right on our website.

Whether you are self-employed, have no health insurance at all, have a high deductible insurance plan, or are part of a health share plan such as Liberty, Medi-share, Samaritan Ministries, or Christian Healthcare Ministries, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your business to take a look at our Freedom Orthopedic located in Athens. The quality of care you receive here matches or exceeds any facility in the country.

“I was seen on time and they spent time with me to discuss my problem. I did not need surgery, but would come back if my knee continued to bother me. Best of all the price was right for the X-rays and exam.”

Mark S.
Alpharetta, GA

Freedom Orthopedics serves metro Atlanta

Orthopedic X-rays

With on site computerized x-ray we are able to offer immediate feedback on new injuries and followup of fractures and other injuries. Allowing for diagnosis and immediate treatment of many orthopedic conditions. Our certified radiology technician, helps lead radiology associations, and has years of experience. This allows us to minimize the exposure to excessive radiation for our patients. Images can be viewed by the patient the same day and a disk can be provided to the patient to take with them if they desire.

Orthopedic Casts

Freedom Orthopedic in Alpharetta provides our patients a full array of fiberglass orthopedic casts and splints for encasing and stabilizing an injured or fractured limb, allowing you to heal properly. Unlike orthopedic practices who answer to the insurance companies and have to charge you three times as much for the same orthopedic care, free-market medical practices like Freedom Orthopedic offer you world-class orthopedic care by top doctors for a fraction of the costs. We can do this because we are beholden only to you, our patient.

Orthopedic care is only as good as the diagnostic equipment and expertise you get from your doctor and staff. Dr. Christopher Vaughn and his staff take special care with each patient to make sure your injury is properly x-rayed, diagnosed, treated, and cared for so that you heal in a safe and timely manner. Freedom Orthopedic is leading edge care with one-on-one doctor patient care the way it used to be.

Orthopedic Surgery Athens Ga

Freedom orthopedic strives hard to treat people from Elberton as they would desire to be treated. Therefore, we consider all alternatives, such as injections, physical therapy, immobilization, and oral medications, prior to surgery. However, at times those other treatments fail or are not appropriate and then surgery is necessary. When it is, Dr. Vaughn has over 20 years of experience in the surgical treatment of upper and lower extremity injuries from sports or other trauma. He has special interest in shoulder and knee arthroscopy as well as hip and knee replacement. Offering anterior hip replacements has been one of the biggest advancements in technique that has been able to help many patients to return earlier to active lifestyles. He would pleased to evaluate you to see if surgery is needed for your condition or if there may be other alternatives.

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Freedom Orthopedic is a free market-medical facility in North Georgia (Toccoa). We believe in providing our patients with world-class orthopedic care with an emphasis on a personal doctor-patient relationship outside of the insurance bureaucracy.


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