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Dr. Christopher M. Vaughn, Orthopedic Surgeon
 Brown University
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Orthopedic Services and Healthcare in general has become more and more convoluted and expensive as the days go by. Consumers in Kennesaw are growing weary of inflated healthcare costs, itemized bills that do not make sense, and the relative unknown of what something is going to cost when they have to endure a orthopedic procedure or undergo physical therapy.

Freedom Orthopedics serves many patients from Kennesaw, Georgia, we have worked to provide common sense solutions that pass medical savings on to those who need it most when they least expect to have heavy burdens placed on them. Our goal has been to eliminate bureaucracy and red tape that ultimately inflicts high costs onto you in your medical emergency.

We grew tired of hearing horror stories from patients in Kennesaw about their hospital experience. Whether it was waiting in a ER for hours on end to receive treatment on a painful injury, a deductible that was so high it set them back months, or worse yet a bill that came months after the surgery itemizing things they did not recall nor did they know exactly how they were going to pay for it. Our one goal when moving our practice to the Kennesaw area was to remove the middle man that causes inflated prices and pass those savings on down to those who need it most, You. If you are in need of a physical therapist, knee surgery, hand and wrist surgery, elbow surgery or a wide variety of other orthopaedic procedures, please keep us in mind as our pricing will be up front, the treatment will be patient focused, and most if not everything will be included in one price, not billed later.

Surgical Pricing is done in two ways:

1. All-inclusive (includes operating room, anesthesia, implant costs and surgeon fees)
Knee arthroscopy: $4000
Carpal tunnel release: $3000
Ankle fracture repair: $5000
Wrist fracture repair: $5000
Rotator cuff repair: $8000
2. Use insurance for hospital/surgicenter, equipment, implant costs and anesthesia. Pay upfront for surgeon fee. (May submit to insurance for reimbursement.)

“I was seen on time and they spent time with me to discuss my problem. I did not need surgery, but would come back if my knee continued to bother me. Best of all the price was right for the X-rays and exam.”

Mark S.
Alpharetta, GA


Watch our founder, Thomas N. Joseph, MD, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, explain how he can provide you clarity, service and savings for your orthopedic and physical therapy needs.   Dr. Christopher Vaughn continues the tradition of providing world-class orthopedic care for a fraction of the cost.

How Can We Keep Costs So Low for Our Patients?

  • We Removed the Middle Man
  • ​We have No Billing Department
  • We have No Coding Department
  • We have No Added Costs
  • You get Direct Access to your Doctor
  • We Never Share your Health Information
  • $300 For the Entire Visit for X-rays, cast, splint, injections as needed OR $200 “consultation only” visit

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