Have you ever heard anyone say “What good is car
insurance if you can’t afford to use it?” No? Probably because that makes
absolutely no sense. You only use car insurance if there is an accident causing
major damage to your car. Only then do you call your car insurance company to
file a claim.

 Car Insurance Like
Health Insurance?

 Using car insurance to pay for gasoline is absolute
nonsense. Having a car insurance company pay for your gasoline would do nothing
but run up the prices. We’d drive more knowing that they did not have to
“pay for” gasoline. The insurance company would then simply pay for
the gasoline plus a 20% overhead charge. Individual people would then be upset
with the cost and demand better quality fuel. Everyone would have high test
gasoline no matter what kind of car they drove. This would then increase the
costs yet again. The insurance companies would then try to hold down costs by making
special deals with certain gas stations. People would get angry because they
could not use their corner gas station. The insurance company may be able to
get some decreased costs- not because they have actually decreased the cost of
gasoline- but rather made it more difficult for individual drivers to get the
gasoline. We’d would have to drive further to get gasoline from the
“covered ” station instead of the “out of network”. No one
would know what to do.

 What should you do?

 The answer is simply to have individual people pay for their
own gasoline. Use insurance for what it was intended to be for; that is,
catastrophic, expensive and rare events. The same parallel happens in health
insurance. We do not currently have health insurance; we have prepaid plans for
health services. The health insurance company simply charges individuals for
the services and adds on the 20+% fee. This is the lunacy that we find
ourselves in. I am not against health insurance; I would love to buy health
insurance. That being said, there is no health insurance available for purchase
only pre-paid plans to purchase health services. There is no reason to pay a
health insurer $150 to simply turn around and pay a doctor $80 for a service
when it would be better for everyone involved for the patient to simply pay the
doctor $100 directly. This is the solution period, end of sentence. There is no
other way. Government control will inevitably end up in rationing and
“insurance” ends up in the ridiculous, costly quagmire as above.

 Direct Access
Physicians – The Old is New Again

1955 Healthcare as a percentage of household income was around 4%.
  Compare that to 2015 when, according to the
AAPR, middle class families spend
a whopping 17% on household
income on healthcare.  The fortunate thing is that there is a new
trend in direct
access physicians
. This concept is growing to compete with the
entrenched insurance doctors. It is the way medicine used to be practiced.

If you want a physician to care about you and only you, go
to a direct
access physician
Insurance doctors, while many are very caring and
trying to work in the system, are beholden to the insurance companies or
government payers, not you. If you want to be their boss you must pay them. Remember,
whoever signs your paycheck is your boss – you can be the doctors’ boss. See
a direct access doctor
and you are the doctor’s primary concern. If you see
an insurance doctor, the insurance companies must be satisfied first, the
patient second or the doctor will quickly be out of business.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
John 8:32