Obamacare was supposed to improve healthcare, cover more
people with health insurance, and decrease costs. Everyone wanted to believe it.
But like the tooth fairy, the possibility that all these things could
occur simultaneously is pure fantasy. You can improve healthcare, but it will
cost more. You can cover more people with health insurance, but that will also
cost more. You can decrease costs, but healthcare will suffer. This is the
cold, hard truth.

Health insurance is a
huge ripoff

If you’re a young person and do not have any assets to
protect, or someone with no savings, you should only have catastrophic
insurance. The average person age 35 and younger uses $300 a year in healthcare
and most don’t use any in five years. If you have no assets and you have a
catastrophe, no emergency room or hospital can legally turn you away. You will
receive the proper care and, if necessary, can file bankruptcy. This sounds
bad, but it is the reason bankruptcy law was invented. These hospitals and
insurance companies are making money hand over fist through legal force. They
charge the highest prices that they can get away with and they are getting away
with murder as we speak.

The Rise of Direct
Access Medical Practices

Fortunately, there is a burgeoning component of healthcare
termed Direct
.  Direct Access physicians
provide care directly to patients for direct payment. These physicians provide better
care at lower costs without the third-party insurance intermediary.

If you have assets to
protect and you’re healthy, get the highest deductible plan

You can then use Direct Access physicians to pay for care
directly. If you do the math, you will be much better off. Some low deductible
plans cost more than a high deductible plan plus the deductible combined. In
other words, in many of these silver, gold and platinum plans you’re paying the
premiums and the deductible before you even use one healthcare service!

If you have many healthcare problems, you may still be
better off with a high deductible plan and paying out-of-pocket to a Direct
Access physician until your deductible is met. You should do the math in these
cases. Add up all of the costs from the prior year to see if you better off
with a low deductible plan or simply paying out-of-pocket for these costs and
having a high deductible plan. Rare is the case that a patient will benefit
from a low deductible plan. They are becoming dinosaurs in modern healthcare.

 Avoiding the
Obamacare tax/fine

 If you don’t buy health insurance you’ve been told you’ll
have to pay a fine, right? Not so fast.  There are SO
MANY loopholes you need to know about.

  •  The tax/fine can only be taken from your tax refund. Therefore, if you do not have any money returned, the
    fine/tax cannot be taken. You should discuss this with your accountant to
    ensure that you do not receive a tax refund.
  • There are numerous other exemptions includingunaffordable coverage, hardship exemptions, religious conscience, no filing requirement, healthcare sharing ministries, incarceration, short coverage gap exemption, Indian tribe, and not lawfully present.
  • Many exemptions don’t even require proof. The hardship exemptions are particularly valuable: If you have been homeless, evicted, had utility shut off, experienced domestic violence, death of a family member, experienced fire, flood or other disaster, filed for bankruptcy in the past six months, experienced increase in costs due to caring for a family member, have a child who was denied Medicaid, your current insurance has been canceled, you were denied Medicaid because your state did not expand it, you experienced a hardship obtaining health insurance and ironically if you had medical expenses that you could not pay in the past 24 months.
  • Nearly
    everyone could qualify for something in this list
    . A full list is at obamacarefacts.com

You will be so
much better off
if you avoid this rip off and obtain essentially
catastrophic coverage (also known as insurance) and instead locate Direct
Access physicians who will take care of you. Direct Access physicians in the
Atlanta area can be found by
clicking here

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
John 8:32